Mississippi’s brewing industry is young compared to more traditional brewing regions, with the first post-prohibition brewery opening in 2005. Since then, a number of craft breweries have sprung up across the state producing fresh, locally brewed beer. MBG was founded in 2013 to promote Mississippi breweries and brewpubs, create an open line of communication between brewers, and showcase local craft beer at events throughout the year.

The best beer is the freshest beer you can buy, and locally produced beer will always be freshest. MBG promotes Mississippi’s brewing industry by sponsoring festivals and special events that showcase the talent of our brewers. We strive to educate the public that consuming beer is a pleasure that should be enjoyed in moderation. It is our mission to ensure that our craft brewing tradition will be carried on for future generations to enjoy.

Whether you live in Mississippi or are traveling to our beautiful state, we invite you to stop by some of our breweries and enjoy a fresh pint of locally produced beer. Cheers!